Useful Japanese Phrases

Cool Japanese Phrases in Audio File!

At the end of each post you find a cool Japanese phrase that you can even listen to on Audio files to practice with.

I know you want to say a few things to locals so that you can have a bit of direct interaction with them.

I know, on your last travel, that you wish you could say a few more in their local language.

You know that you enjoy speaking to local people and I know you know it’s fun.

I have been to China a few times recently and I don’t speak Mandarin.

BUT, what I taught myself was “Young Lady, Beautiful, A Bottle of Beer”.

Every time I said this in restaurants, to old ladies, they just cracked up, laughed hard and smiled.

The job was done in an instant.


Here I have put all those phrases together in one page.

You want to go back to my posts to find out what relevance all the phrases have got to them.