Yudanaka Station: Up Close

How Yudanaka Station looks like?



So when you arrive at Yudanaka Station, this is what you are expecting to see.

It is a small train station.

In case you are wondering where that is, here’s the google map for you.

Once you walk out of platforms, you quite likely will see half a dozen people with flags with their accommodation’s name on, or a paper with your name on.

Vans from accommodations are parked just outside along with local taxis in black.

There is a waiting room/information centre in this station. It’s a nice place to stay warm if you have to wait here for some reason.

There are some english-speaking staff there to help you for your every needs, as well as variety of brochures available.

There is also a free wi-fi here.


If you are going to Jigokudani Monkey Park to see Snow Monkey, turn right as soon as you walk out the exit and you will see the bus counter with time tables above.


There is a smaller bus timetable in English in A4 size on the window.

This is also the place to buy a bus ticket to go skiing to Shiga Kogen.

Speaking of skiing at Shiga Kogen.

This is the only way to get there, by using these Nagaden buses, unless you have a rent-a -car.

Please be aware that their departures in the morning is quite limited.

As of Jan, 2017, there are only 3 buses leaving Yudanaka for Shiga Kogen.

7:40am, 8:20am and 10:15am.

The Fare: ¥1100 to Oku Shiga Kogen (The furthest, the end of the line)

Public Toilet is just outside, on your left.

Now you have a better idea of this station, right?

Sounds good, see you next time.

Today’s Phrase

Yudanaka Eki Ni Ikimasuka? 湯田中駅に行きますか? = Is it going to Yudanaka Station?

It’s useful when you want to know if a bus/train goes to where you want to go!


How to find Nagaden @ Nagano Station

Changing trains at Nagano Station to get to Yudanaka

Nagaden train at Yudanaka Station.jpg

It’s pretty simple.

If you’ve arrived at Nagano Station by one of those JR line, like Shinkansen=Bullet Train, head out to the Zenkouji Exit 善光寺口 first.

You should be able to find one of many signs pointing directions which way Zenkouji Exit is.

Once you found which way you need to go to, go downstairs then you’ll see these to your right.


There is a Starbucks and the bus terminal once outside on this side of the station.

Also, along the fence to the bus terminal to the right, you find,

A convenience store – Daily Yamazaki

A Soba Noodle Shop

Then go downstairs again then you’ll be at the entrance and ticket counter for Nagaden

Once you get here, it’s for ¥1260, just under an hour away to Yudanaka, the gateway to Snow Monkey.

From here to Yudanaka, you can refer to my previous post for more detail,

How to get to Yudanaka Part 3

I hope you can have a smooth transfer at Nagano Station!

See you next time!

Today’s Phrase

Michi Ni Mayor Mashita 道に迷いました = I’m lost

Hmm… Not ideal but you could be in this situation so listen and practise!


How to get to Yudanaka Part 3

How to get to Yudanaka from Nagano

So this is the final leg to get to Yudanaka. You may have spent a few days in Nagano looking around visiting Znkouji temple 善光寺 or even ventured further to Matsumoto Castle 松本城.

There are 2  options for you.

That is,

  1. Catch a Nagaden 長電 train
  2. Catch a Nagaden 長電 bus

Here’s a google map to show you.

By Train

Fare: 1260 Yen (When you catch an express train which is faster and also there is only 100 yen difference from normal one so why wouldn’t you?)

Duration: 44min

By Bus

Fare: 1400 Yen

Duration: 41min

At last you have arrived at Yudanaka! Hope you enjoyed your journey along the way.

Well, the first thing first. Let’s get to your accommodation and jump straight into Onsen!

Have a good rest and get ready for the next day to get to see Snow Monkey!

-Today’s Phrase-

Yudanaka Wa Tokyo Yorimo Samui Desu ゆだなかはとうきょうよりもさむいです = Yudanaka is colder than Tokyo

Brrr… It’s chillier than Tokyo… Make sure to dress up for the weather!

How to get to Yudanaka Part 1

From Narita Airport to Tokyo Station

So once you’ve flown to Narita Airport. There are 3 ways to get to Tokyo Station, one of the largest train station in Japan, where you will catch a connecting bullet train, also known as Shinkansen 新幹線 to Nagano.

Note: It is about 70km between the airpot and Tokyo Station. Taxis are not a realistic option. They will cost you a lot of money and not recommended!

I’ve just mentioned of 3 ways of getting there. 1 is by bus, the others are by train.

  1. Airport Limousine Bus
  2. JR Narita Express
  3. JR Access Narita Bus

1, Airport Limousine Bus

They have a network of buses connecting the airport and Tokyo and the surrounding area. Most of the times during the day they have a bus departing to one destination every 20-30min.

Here is the link to their website:  Airport Limousine Bus

Adult Fare: 3100 Yen (Kids Half Price)

Duration: 75-125 min depending on the road conditions

You will find their counter once you walk out of the customs, before you walk out of the terminal building..

2, JR Narita Express

This is run by JR East (Japan Railway East). It’s a lot quicker and I personally prefer this to the bus. Just a personal opinion.

The Link: Narita Express

Adult Fare: 3020 Yen

Duration: 60-70 min

You should find their counter right next to the buses.

3, JR Access Narita Bus

This is kind of a new service, (I personally have not used this service yet but I know a fee friends who were happy with this) and just like airlines, this is a LCC, in other words CHEAPER!

You don’t need to buy a ticket in advance, you just pay when you get on board a bus. That’s different!

The Link: Access Narita

Adult Fare: 1000 Yen

Duration: 80-100 min

So have a good night sleep in Tokyo after a long flight, and I’ll see you on the next post to get to Nagano.

-Today’s Phrase-

Tokyo Wa Sugoi Desu とうきょうはすごいです = Tokyo is awesome!

Listen and practise. Yeah Tokyo is amazeballs!

Mata-Ne またね (See you again)!

Where is Yudanaka?


So here’s a google map to show you where that is.

It is about 250kms of driving North from Shinjuku Station in Tokyo, or about 3 and half hours by trains if you have a good connection in between, including around 1 hour and 40 min 新幹線 “Bullet Train” ride from Tokyo Station to Nagano Station.

From Nagano Station, it is just under 1 hour to Yudanaka by an Express Train run by 長電 “Nagaden”.

It is a gateway to; Snow Monkeys, Numeral Hot Spring places, Skiing in Ryuoo Ski Park and Shiga Kougen.

Lots of small hot springs around here that you enjoy, although you need to undress naked inside, these are not “hot spa” with your swimsuits on. A real Japanese style, not for a faint hearted I’d say…

Otherwise it is a very tranquil small farming town with orchards and rice paddy, a typical ruck Japanese town.

I hope you will have a good stay in this town!

-Today’s phrase-

Yudanaka E Youkoso ゆだなかへようこそ = Welcome to Yudanaka!

Listen to this and practice!