Bargaining in Japan

You’ll never get it unless you ask, right? Everyone loves bargain or discounts. So do I. In Japan, however, asking for discounts or bargain hardly works, unlike in some other countries. You will see all the products with prices written/tagged/on stickers and that’s pretty much what you get. You have a very slim chance to get … More Bargaining in Japan

Please don’t do this while in Japan

Nor even at Japanese restaurants near you… A story of Japanese Curry They look gross, frankly, but once you’ve tried it, you wouldn’t mind because you’ve been hooked. Hooke by its spiciness, flavour, smell. Oh and with its toppings/additions you can have with it. It seems either “Deep Fried Pork”=トンカツ or “Deep Fried Chicken”=チキンカツ to … More Please don’t do this while in Japan

Foot Bath 足湯

Warming up from your feet What is it? In most of Onsen towns, you will find so-called “Public Foot Baths”. Those are the place where you soak just your feet in (most cases) running hot water in public setting. Link to Wikipedia in English for detailed explanation of what they are. Why? Basically because it warms … More Foot Bath 足湯