JAPOW! Part5

Just Another Morning of Commute, Part 2 Another morning with a foot of snow fell overnight, a local snow clearer getting busy from before-dawn for us to be able to drive through these roads. It is quite a common sight to see in the morning in snowy regions of Japan. In case you have not … More JAPOW! Part5

Bargaining in Japan

You’ll never get it unless you ask, right? Everyone loves bargain or discounts. So do I. In Japan, however, asking for discounts or bargain hardly works, unlike in some other countries. You will see all the products with prices written/tagged/on stickers and that’s pretty much what you get. You have a very slim chance to get … More Bargaining in Japan

JAPOW! Part3

It’s not unusual for you to see locals clearing snow in front of their properties using this type of small snow prowlers in the snowy region of Japan. I do want one if I ever live in a place like Yamanouchi. So cool, aye! Enjoy the video.

ATMs in Yudanaka

Another important piece of information that may save your life So I showed you where to go to for exchanging your money if you ever get caught short of Yen when you really need them while in Yudanaka. Please read this in Foreign Currency Exchange in Yudanaka But what if you don’t have a cash but … More ATMs in Yudanaka

JAPOW! Part 2

Just another morning in Yamanouchi, Nagano, Japan. The key to the survival in this kind of snowy region in Japan, Clear snow off your car the night before when you know it’s gonna snow overnight! Otherwise you’ll end up spending looooong time the morning digging your car out of snow and get it going. You’ll … More JAPOW! Part 2

Please don’t do this while in Japan

Nor even at Japanese restaurants near you… A story of Japanese Curry They look gross, frankly, but once you’ve tried it, you wouldn’t mind because you’ve been hooked. Hooke by its spiciness, flavour, smell. Oh and with its toppings/additions you can have with it. It seems either “Deep Fried Pork”=トンカツ or “Deep Fried Chicken”=チキンカツ to … More Please don’t do this while in Japan