Bargaining in Japan

You’ll never get it unless you ask, right? Everyone loves bargain or discounts. So do I. In Japan, however, asking for discounts or bargain hardly works, unlike in some other countries. You will see all the products with prices written/tagged/on stickers and that’s pretty much what you get. You have a very slim chance to get … More Bargaining in Japan

JAPOW! Part4

This is a video of just another morning of commute by a car, through the walls of snow on sides. I’m in a van so my viewpoint is slightly higher than a normal car. These walls of snow are just getting higher and higher… Trust me, there used to be a bamboo bush all around! … More JAPOW! Part4

ATMs in Yudanaka

Another important piece of information that may save your life So I showed you where to go to for exchanging your money if you ever get caught short of Yen when you really need them while in Yudanaka. Please read this in Foreign Currency Exchange in Yudanaka But what if you don’t have a cash but … More ATMs in Yudanaka