Please don’t do this while in Japan

Nor even at Japanese restaurants near you…

A story of Japanese Curry


They look gross, frankly, but once you’ve tried it, you wouldn’t mind because you’ve been hooked.

Hooke by its spiciness, flavour, smell.

Oh and with its toppings/additions you can have with it.

It seems either “Deep Fried Pork”=トンカツ or “Deep Fried Chicken”=チキンカツ to be very popular as your choice, after having spent quite some time with mainly NZ friends in Japan over multiple trips to Japan.

What’s even more amazing is that each region, each household seem to have own recipe for curry. I even have a secret recipe for this dish.

And now into the main subject

I know where you come from, how you feel, but, no… That’s not right…

You may not understand what I’m talking about.

This is about “Eating Japanese Curry with chopsticks“.

Now you have a better idea with this photo.


To protect their privacy, I put dots over their faces.

But you see what I mean?

No, you need to use a spoon for this!

As I said at the beginning, I know where you come from, being in Japan you are so keen to show off your chopstick skill, like Mr Miyagi caught a fly with them.

But, save that skill for other occasions…

Use a spoon when you’ve ordered a curry.

I’m pretty sure it even either sit right in front of you on the table, or brought to you when you get the plate.

I’m watching you…


Today’s Phrase

Kareh Wo Hitotsu Onegai Shimasu カレーを一つお願いします = Can I have one curry, please

That’ll be cool if you can place an order in a restaurant! Keep trying!

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