The Best Kept Secret I Found

Yomase and X-Jam Takaifuji Ski Resorts


A little gem in Yudanaka

I think I should keep this to myself really… So little known that in fact they are not even on TripAdvisor!

Forget about skiing in Hakuba or Niseko if you are interested in,

  • Less touristy
  • Less crowded
  • Wide open trails
  • As much snow
  • Real (Run-Down) Japanese atmosphere

It is said to be around 500 ski areas in Japan. I’ve only been to maybe 2 dozens of them.

One of the best experiences I’ve ever had was at Yomase and X-Jam near Yudanaka.


What made it so awesome?

I may be repeating myself but, these are the reasons.

  • Nice wide open trails
  • Good variety of incline of slopes
  • Speed
  • It’s wide across mountains
  • Good view
  • Quiet


Where is it?

Here’s the google map for you.

How much for Lift Passes?

Here’s the Link to their English website for you.

So there are 4 small resorts next to each other and makes sense that you buy the pass to have all the access to every chairlifts.

Those 4 resorts are,

  • Yomase
  • X-Jam
  • Yamabiko No Oka
  • Kijima Daira

There are also 3 resorts access pass available as well but the price difference for an adult pass as of Jan, 2017 is only ¥200 so I will talk about the full, 4 resorts access pass here.

It’s named “Mt Kosha” Pass

Adult: 1 day – ¥4100, 2 days – ¥7100, 3 days – ¥9700


Your Challenges

The only downside of this is the transport.

As the time of writing, there is only one way to get there if you don’t have own car.

There is a irregular shuttle bus departing Yudanaka Station at 9am.

It’s not daily, and seems only during the weekends from Mid Dec through to End of March.

I couldn’t find the English version of their timetable, unfortunately.

Let me know if anyone needs it then I’ll translate that for you.

Hopefully there won’t be too many people at my favourite spot from here on.

Nah, I know not many people read this blog anyway!

See you next time.

Today’s Phrase

Hito Ga Hotondo Inai 人がほとんどいない = There are hardly anyone around

Listen and practise!


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