Yudanaka before and after snow

Right now the very strong cold front has been over the majority of the main island as well as Hokkaido, the northern island for the last few days that has been bringing lots and lots of snow. (This post was written in Mid-January, 2017)

I have been lucky enough to have spent some time in this area since Mid-November, 2016. That time has allowed me to see the seasons change from Autumn to Winter in this beautiful part of Japan.

Here I just want to share with you some of my photo collection to show you how different it looks with and without snow.

These changes have occurred between November and January.

1, This is a rental shop up on Ryuoo Ski Park


2, Just outside Yudanaka Station when you look to your right


3, Yudanaka Station from the front


4, A street with no name just outside Yudanaka Station


5, A restaurant outside Yudanaka Station


I’m not saying that you can always see the snow and scenery like this with snow but one thing for sure.

In this part of Japan, when it snows, it really snows.

I’m pretty sure Snow Monkeys must be staying hot water for your viewing pleasure to stay warm on a day like this.

See you next time.

Today’s Phrase

Nagano Dewa Yukiga Takusan Hurimasu 長野では雪がたくさん降ります = It snows a lot in Nagano

Listen and keep practising so you can have a chat with locals!

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