Yudanaka Station: Up Close

How Yudanaka Station looks like?



So when you arrive at Yudanaka Station, this is what you are expecting to see.

It is a small train station.

In case you are wondering where that is, here’s the google map for you.

Once you walk out of platforms, you quite likely will see half a dozen people with flags with their accommodation’s name on, or a paper with your name on.

Vans from accommodations are parked just outside along with local taxis in black.

There is a waiting room/information centre in this station. It’s a nice place to stay warm if you have to wait here for some reason.

There are some english-speaking staff there to help you for your every needs, as well as variety of brochures available.

There is also a free wi-fi here.


If you are going to Jigokudani Monkey Park to see Snow Monkey, turn right as soon as you walk out the exit and you will see the bus counter with time tables above.


There is a smaller bus timetable in English in A4 size on the window.

This is also the place to buy a bus ticket to go skiing to Shiga Kogen.

Speaking of skiing at Shiga Kogen.

This is the only way to get there, by using these Nagaden buses, unless you have a rent-a -car.

Please be aware that their departures in the morning is quite limited.

As of Jan, 2017, there are only 3 buses leaving Yudanaka for Shiga Kogen.

7:40am, 8:20am and 10:15am.

The Fare: ¥1100 to Oku Shiga Kogen (The furthest, the end of the line)

Public Toilet is just outside, on your left.

Now you have a better idea of this station, right?

Sounds good, see you next time.

Today’s Phrase

Yudanaka Eki Ni Ikimasuka? 湯田中駅に行きますか? = Is it going to Yudanaka Station?

It’s useful when you want to know if a bus/train goes to where you want to go!


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