English Signs in Japan

A Good Source of Entertainment

I came across this one actually in Incheon, South Korea. So cool, aye!?

I, for one, am guilty of sometimes struggling to not say things properly in English.

For those non-native speakers, I know you know how it feels like.

While travelling in Japan, you will come across signs that will intrigue you and keep you guessing as to what they actually mean.

At the same time it shouldn’t be too unusual when travelling in non-English-speaking countries nowadays…

Anyway, like this one.

English Sign in Japan 1.jpg

Pasting it on? Is it something gooey, slimy thing that you kind of spread it out on your skin with a spatula or a table knife that generates some sort of heat? But, wait, it’s a plaster. so it must be sticky. Hmm…

Then what about this one?


Uncommon Clothes….?

  1. I don’t see any clothing items, rather looking like sleeping bags…
  2. What is an “Uncommon Cloth”, how do they look like
  3. What’s the appeal to “Uncommon Clothes”…?

It’s pretty deep, isn’t it?

Then this.

I just like it. “Dan, Dan&Dan!!!!”

It says this is an patent office.

So if I ever coma across any kind of new ideas or an invention that I want registered in Japan, I know where I’m going to.


Then the last out of my collection, for now, is…

“Walkin’ Store”!


Whatever that means, or whatever that was originally thought to have meant….

I know this sort of entertainment is not for everyone but if you are one of those who gets amused by anything small and subtle, this country is amazing.

See you next time!

Today’s Phrase

Eigo Ga Hanase Masuka? 英語がはなせますか?= Do you speak English?

It’s pretty useful if you can say this word when you need some assistance.

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