Nearest Onsen from Yudanaka Station

Kaede No Yu 楓の湯

In Yudanaka, this is the closest Onsen to the station.

It actually sits right behind the station.

Entry Fee: ¥300 for Adult, ¥150 for Kids (Up to 12 years old I think)

Open:  10am – 8:30pm

Closed: The 1st Monday every month

So once you walk in, there is a locker for shoes.

The you’ll find a touch-panel ticketing machine.

You buy a ticket and then give it to someone behind the counter.

(I’m pretty sure you can hire a towel but I forgot to check how much that is. It should be around ¥300 I guess)

Once you walk through the door you’ll see Womens first with red curtain, then Mens at far end with green curtain.

It was very busy when I visited around 3pm, with old locals as well as tourists inside.

Once inside Mens (Or Womens), you will find lockers where you can keep your cloths and valuables in.

You need one ¥100 coin to keep it locked. But it will be refunded when you come back to get changed.

Put ¥100 coin in, lock it and keep the rubber with the key to your locker around your wrist.

This refundable coin lockers are very common at Onsens or Swimming Pools throughout Japan.

You can also read my old article regarding around Onsen Etiquette here.

I’m pretty sure you understand my situation that I couldn’t really take photos once inside where lots of people get undressed. I could be jailed for that…)

So this place is highly recommended to soak your cold body in hot water when you have an hour before you leave on a train to Nagano or something.

Get amongst real Japanese culture while you are there!

See you next time!

-Today’s Phrase- 

Oyuni Tsukaru Maeni Karada Wo Arau お湯に浸かる前に体を洗う = Wash your body before you soak in hot water

Very important to wash your body first in Onsen!

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