For those who have never seen snow before

4 things you should know if you are thinking about skiing or snowboarding for the first time

Please skip this article if you are familiar with skiing or snowboarding. This post contains the very basic explanation for visiting ski resorts intended for beginners.

So Japanese winter is quite famous throughout the world nowadays.

For the amount of snowfall, its quality, the reason can be varied.

There are more and more visitors during the winter months visiting places like Nagano, Niigata or Hokkaido for winter fun.

It is a fact now that there are increasing number of people, from those countries that never get snow, taking up winter sports such as skiing or snowboarding for the very first time in their lives.

Even a place like Yudanaka has been filled with overseas visitors to go skiing or snowboarding during the busy winter months.

That’s awesome, we love to share the love and our passion.

BUT there are some things you need to know before jumping on it.

Take a breath and read these through.

When you finish reading, you will be in a way better position than before, that could ultimately save your life.

So here we go.

1, Snow is a natural phenomena. It doesn’t fall if it’s warm

Roughly explained, snow is a frozen form of rain, that means it got frozen near zero temperature in the sky. So if it’s above zero degree temperature it will come down as rain.

When you visit ski resorts early in the season, which is late November to the end of December, you may not see snow depending on the weather condition. Just like summer has cold or hot summer, winter has those.

There may not necessarily be any snow if the winter is starting up as a warm one.

2, If you don’t have your own gear, it takes time to get yourself set up for skiing and snowboarding at a Rental shop

Skiing and snowboarding are not something that you can go out and do right away when you don’t have a gear. You need to have your rental gear set up for you according to your shoe size, height, weight and ability level, that means you need to go through a certain process.

Particularly if you are a part of a group, the loser it takes to get ready the bigger the group size is.

3, Cotton is not ideal on the snow

It’s commonly known that cotton is not ideal for sports activities.

Wearing ja pair of jeans is not ideal when skiing or snowboarding, or it may even put you at certain risk like hypothermia.


It gets wet easily, hard to dry then wearing a wet clothing takes away your body heat.

Ski/Snowboard jackets and pants are there for a reason.

4, It’s wiser not to expect that you can ski or snowboard straight away if you have never done it before

Skiing and snowboarding are a sport with a particular set of equipments.

It will require some training or getting used to them. Quite likely you won’t be skiing and snowboarding elegantly right from the beginning when you have not done it before.

The best way to start out is to learn by taking a lesson.

Majority of major resorts nowadays has multi lingual ski and snowboard lessons available.

It is a dangerous sport to certain point, and you can reduce the risk of injuries by taking at least 1 lesson when you start out.

It will be easier and quicker to learn, more fun and less painful.

So, now you know about it a bit more and hopefully I’ve got your expectations right. It’s always better for you to do some research in advance and get your gear from the rentals the day before you go skiing or snowboarding so you have a whole day for it.

See you on the slopes!

-Today’s Phrase-

Ski Wo Rentaru shitai desu スキーをレンタルしたいです = I want to hire a pair of skis

You will need this phrase when hiring skis!

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