How to fill out Black Cat Form

A bit of cultural lesson Part 2


Before getting in to the subject, here’s a useful phrase you can pick up. It’s related to the subject of this post, will be super handy when trying this Black Cat thing in Japan.

-Today’s Phrase-

Kono Nimotsu Wo Kono Jyusho Made Onegai Shimasu


Can I have this luggage sent to this address, please

This one is hard!! But you can do it!!

To make your travel in Japan less stress-free

I have mentioned of the nation-wide logistics network in Japan, represented by the company called “Kuroneko Yamato” aka Black Cat.

If you haven’t read that yet, here’s the link for you.

Previous post on Black Cat – Takkyubin


How does the docket/ticket for delivery look like?

Docket Kuroneko Yamato 1.jpeg

I will explain the circles in each colour below.

Kuroneko Yamato Dokcet 2.001.jpeg

Dark Blue: This is for the address you want to send to. Top 7 box is for the zip/postal code. Japan has 7 digit postal code system. As long as you got this code and the name of your accommodation right, sometimes your stuff can get delivered. Yes, this system is that good or I should say the local drivers know the area inside, most of the times, I’m not guaranteeing it though. You’d o your job right first.

Yellow: Your address. It’s often hard for travellers like yourselves without the permanent address in Japan. If I were you, I would put the Airport address on it so at least your stuff can get sent back to the airport depot without going missing somewhere in Japan. However, I’ve never done this since I have some address I can put on. I’, just saying this. Or your friend’s address, if you have in Japan?

Bright Green:it has 3 separate words in it. From left, “Golf”, “Ski” and “Airport”. So you want to circle one of those if you have a relevant luggage or purpose.

Red: That’s the date you put on if you have a specific date that you want your stuff delivered. In Japan, months are written in number, for example January is 1, June is 6, December is 12. You put the month first on the left side of the character , which stands for Month, then the date on the left of , which is for Day.

Light Blue: That’s for the time during the day that you want your stuff delivered if you have specific time to ask.

Things I would do to prepare in advance

Obviously it is hard to get anything done if you don’t speak the local language.

But there are things you can do to minimise the stress, uncertainty and worries.

For example, if I were you, I would copy and paste the address in Japanese and keep it with me, with the address in English in my hand, and I would use that if my English writing wouldn’t work when I’m dropping it off at a depot or a counter.

I’m hoping that whoever deals with you on the spot will help you out. Generosity and going above and beyond is often the virtue engraved in Japanese people.

The bottom line is, it’s way more reliable than airlines, I’d say.

Now hopefully you will enjoy your time in Japan even more, with less stress!

See ya next time!


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