Coin Lockers/Luggage Storage

@ Just Outside Yudanaka Station

There are 2 ways to leave your luggage at Yudanaka Station when you are going to see Snow Monkey or going up to Ryuoo Ski Park for skiing or snowboarding.yudanaka-station-coin-locker-001

Once you walk out of the station, you will see the restaurant GOEN.

Just behind this restaurant, you will find the Ryuoo Ski Park Rental Shop.

1, Inside this rental shop


¥500 for a day for up to the size of a suitcase.

Be aware of their opening hours. During the winter months, which is late December through to End of March, 8am – 6pm.

2, Coin Lockers

Right next to the rental shop behind the blue vending machine, you will find some coin lockers. ¥300 for a small items, ¥500 for a large luggage.


Now you can be stress free without a large item in your hand.

Make sure to have enough coins. These lockers only accept coins.

Well if you don’t, there are heaps of vending machines everywhere that you can break down notes by buying one of those beverages, otherwise the rental shop can offer the exchange to coins.

Go now enjoy whatever you fancy in Yudanaka!

See you next time!

-Toda’s Phrase-

Coin Locker Wa Benri Desune コインロッカーはべんりですね = Coin Lockers are convenient.

Coin Lockers are pronounced as pretty much the same! Have fun learning this!

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