Visiting Snow Monkey Park

Some things you should know when visiting in winter

It should be all sweet to visit here between spring and autumn, nothing hard about it.

But in winter months, between late November through to early spring of April, there should be certain things you want to be aware of before visiting this “Jigokudani Monkey Park”.

There are detailed instructions found on their website but I just want to give you a heads up here focusing on facts that you may not even realise.

First of all this is the link to their website: Jigokudani Monkey Park

So, here’s the truth.

1, Monkeys DO NOT necessarily stay in the hot water

This is very reasonable of them. If it’s not too cold, they can get away without bathing in hot water. You may see them out of the water when you have visited, but they have their own mind and can not blame them staying out, because it’s not cold! They are just like us!

See, none of them are in the water when I visited. It was a warm day to be honest.


2, The path from the entrance to where monkeys are, quite often muddy and icy

You have to realise that your favourite expensive fashionable shoes may get muddy and wet.


It was not too bad on the day I visited but you can easily see it can be nasty once it’s all snowed in.

For those who don’t wish to have your shoes getting dirty or not warm enough, I saw the shop at the entrance doing the rentals for warm boots as well as crampons/chains to save you from slipping over on ice.


There is also another shop in front of Yudanaka Station doing these rentals boots and crampons so it may be a good idea to get yourself ready before heading over to the park.

Hopefully this info will set some propel with the right expectations so you won’t get too disappointed when you come across a situation like these.

Well then, have a good trip and enjoy your time at the park!

-Today’s Phrase-

Kutsu Ga Dorodoro Desu くつがドロドロです = The shoes got so muddy…

Oh no that sucks that you got muddy shoes…

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