Let’s go skiing! (or snowboarding if you like… I’m a skier…)

The closest ski resort from Yudanaka

So, let’s say, you’ve got 2-3 days booked at an accommodation around Yudanaka.

Realistically you need half a day to go see monkeys.

You happened to be here during winter months.

What else would you do?

I definitely would go skiing or snowboarding!

From Yudanaka, the closest resort, technically, is Ryuoo Ski Park 竜王スキーパーク

This is the link to their website. At the top right on their main page, you find the language choice icons.

I’ll show you where that is on Google Map.

It’s 15-20 min drive or on the bus.

They have free shuttle services throughout the day during the season.

1, Their season usually is between late November through to Early May. Of course it is depending on the snowfall each year.

2, Their free shuttle normally leaves around 9 am to begin with, then the last bus leaves the resort after 5pm. For more information, please visit their website through the link put above.

Another drawcard of this resort is their plans dedicated to non skiers and snowboarders, or a family who are looking for fun to have together.

They have 2 plans or activities called, “Snow Landscape Plan” and “Adventure Park”

  • Snow Landscape Plan – This is the plan for those who’d like to visit their “Sora Terrace”, situated at 1770m above sea level with magnificent view of the nearby basin and The Japanese Alps afar when it’s clear. Once you’ve arrived at the resort, they take you up to the bottom ropeway station on a “Snow Vehicle” which resembles a tank for 10-15 min ride. Then you can take 8 min ropeway ride to the top where the terrace is, with a restaurant is just above you to stay warm on a cold day.
  • Adventure Park – This is where you can have fun playing on the snow doing stuff like, Tubing, Sledding or Tobogganing, Snow rafting and so on. This is ideal for those who wouldn’t want to go on skis or snowboard but still want some action for adrenalin rush. However, this park will start its operation once they’ve got enough snow to manage all activities safely. So you want to check its condition first before you get too excited about it.

They also offer ski or snowboard lesson in English and Chinese for those who want to give these sports a go or are eager to brush up your skills.

Anyway, I hope you will enjoy your experience regardless of your choice of how.

Make sure to drop into an Onsen and soak it up for your tired muscles to recover for next day!

-Today’s Phrase-

Ski Wa Totemo Tanoshii Desu スキーはとてもたのしいです = Skiing is such a fun!

Yeah skiing is awesome, make sure that you can say this!

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