How to get to Yudanaka Part 3

How to get to Yudanaka from Nagano

So this is the final leg to get to Yudanaka. You may have spent a few days in Nagano looking around visiting Znkouji temple 善光寺 or even ventured further to Matsumoto Castle 松本城.

There are 2  options for you.

That is,

  1. Catch a Nagaden 長電 train
  2. Catch a Nagaden 長電 bus

Here’s a google map to show you.

By Train

Fare: 1260 Yen (When you catch an express train which is faster and also there is only 100 yen difference from normal one so why wouldn’t you?)

Duration: 44min

By Bus

Fare: 1400 Yen

Duration: 41min

At last you have arrived at Yudanaka! Hope you enjoyed your journey along the way.

Well, the first thing first. Let’s get to your accommodation and jump straight into Onsen!

Have a good rest and get ready for the next day to get to see Snow Monkey!

-Today’s Phrase-

Yudanaka Wa Tokyo Yorimo Samui Desu ゆだなかはとうきょうよりもさむいです = Yudanaka is colder than Tokyo

Brrr… It’s chillier than Tokyo… Make sure to dress up for the weather!

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