How to get to Yudanaka, Summary

Tokyo to Yudanaka Station

In this post, I’d love to give you the overall picture of how to get to Yudanaka from when you’ve arrived at Narita Airport (which is not even in Tokyo to be strict!).

Then later, I will break it down to several blocks and explain to you further in detail.

So here’s the breakdown of how you get to Yudanaka.

Let’s say you have arrived at Narita Airport.


  1. To Tokyo Station 東京駅
  2. To Nagano 長野駅
  3. To Yudanaka 湯田中駅

Of course there must be lots of variations in how you want to organise your trip, like you are spending some time in Tokyo for a few days first and so on.

But principally these 3 steps will be what you are going through to get there from Tokyo.

The detailed posts will follow on each step for your further understanding to be planning your trip to this area.

Part 1 Narita Airport to Tokyo Station

Part 2 Tokyo To Nagano

Part 3 Nagano To Yudanaka

I hope this will clear up a lot of your questions!

-Today’s Phrase-

Yudanaka Ni Ikitai Desu ゆだなかにいきたいです = I want to go to Yudanaka.

Listen to this and practice. Now you can say where you want to go!

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