Let’s talk about getting naked in public. I’m talking about Onsen!

So another main attraction of this area is,

Lots of Onsen 温泉.

Hot springs, it is. Not for shy, faint-hearted individuals.

Why? Because you have to be NAKED in front of other people!

There are 8 areas with lots of small hot springs in them around Yudanaka.

There is a good introduction to Onsen etiquettes in Japan on TripAdvisor.

The first tip is

  • You need a big towel (to dry your body after getting out of bath)
  • A small towel (to wash your body
  • A change of cloth
  • Everything else you think you need after bath (like a body lotion and so on)

You normally find at Onsen premises

  • Shampoo and Soap or Body Soap
  • Sometimes a cheap razor
  • A hair dryer
  • You can hire a towel at most of the places too for like several hundred yen if you don’t have one with you

Once inside, basically,

  • No Swimwear or clothing
  • Wash your body first before you get in the hot water
  • No small towel (called Tenugui 手拭い) in the water
  • You also use that towel to wash/scrub your body
  • NO ALCOHOL BEVERAGE inside Onsen


  • You normally pay at the entrance or should find a ticket vending machine
  • Normally a cold beverage vending machine
  • If you are lucky, Beer vending machine (So nice to have one after getting in Onsen)
  • Remember not to stay in hot water too long or you may pass out (I’m not kidding! I’ve seen this a few times myself!)
  • No go when you are heavily intoxicated (or you could be putting yourself at risk of a serious harm to yourself)

It could be daunting for some to be naked in front of other people, but hey, it’s so nice particularly after a day’s skiing in winter!

One fact to share with you here: People are not actually paying attention to you as much as you think they do (Or at least inside Men’s Onsen…)

Good luck and hope you’ll enjoy your experience!

-Today’s Phrase-

Onsen ga daisuki desu おんせんがだいすきです = I love hot springs!

Keep on keeping on! You are getting better now!


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