Jigokudani Snow Monkeys

The biggest attraction in Yudanaka area

Snow Monkeys!

It is amazing to see a lot of people from around the world to go see these monkeys.

They are;

  • Half wild
  • Their habitat is the northern most in the northern hemisphere
  • These monkeys are endemic to Japan
  • Often you see them chilling in hot water during winter months
  • And, of course they are cute, at least they look cute

You can see them at the Snow Monkey Park, 10min bus ride from Yudanaka Station, then about half an hour gentle walk through the  nearby forest.

Apparently they featured on LIFE magazine in the 70’s too.

Yes they are definitely as popular as Hello Kitty, Ramen or Robot Restaurant in Shinjuku.

But since they are not pets, there are certain things you are asked to do when visiting the monkey park.

  • Do not to try to touch them
  • Keep some distance to them
  • Do not show food or feed them
  • Do not use special equipments when taking photos of them

Here’s the link to their Offical Guide with more details of Dos and Don’ts.

Well enjoy your time at Jigokudani!

-Today’s Phrase-

Osaru san wa kawaii desune おさるさんはかわいいですね = Monkeys are cute, aren’t they?

Listen to this and practice. You’ll be a hero!

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