Where is Yudanaka?


So here’s a google map to show you where that is.

It is about 250kms of driving North from Shinjuku Station in Tokyo, or about 3 and half hours by trains if you have a good connection in between, including around 1 hour and 40 min 新幹線 “Bullet Train” ride from Tokyo Station to Nagano Station.

From Nagano Station, it is just under 1 hour to Yudanaka by an Express Train run by 長電 “Nagaden”.

It is a gateway to; Snow Monkeys, Numeral Hot Spring places, Skiing in Ryuoo Ski Park and Shiga Kougen.

Lots of small hot springs around here that you enjoy, although you need to undress naked inside, these are not “hot spa” with your swimsuits on. A real Japanese style, not for a faint hearted I’d say…

Otherwise it is a very tranquil small farming town with orchards and rice paddy, a typical ruck Japanese town.

I hope you will have a good stay in this town!

-Today’s phrase-

Yudanaka E Youkoso ゆだなかへようこそ = Welcome to Yudanaka!

Listen to this and practice!

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